My Design and Development Process

When developing a site the process is usually:
  • We will go over what you are looking for in a site, we will look at different designs and layouts and based on this conversation I will create the initial mockup.
  • You will be shown an initial mockup and have 3 – 4 chances to make changes to the look of the mockup, after that extra costs will be accrued, this is to make sure the project keeps moving along.
  • Once the mockup is approved I will set up the site on a test server, all content which was given will be added to the site once the test site is set up and approved we will go live to the actual domain.
  • A final round of test will be done once live to make sure everything is okay, after this step the site will be live.

Please keep in mind before I can get started we will need to go over the following information (I can walk you through any part of this process):

  • Domain registrar: where your domain is registered and what the login info is for the domain, we also want to make sure you have sole control over your domain name. If you do not have a domain or are unhappy with your domain provider I recommend Godaddy.
  • What other services or apps are connected to the domain (ie email service, apps connected to subdomains)
  • Any other login credentials: This could include if your site is currently hosted elsewhere, any contact info for your current services including email
  • I will need digital copies of any content needed for the site, this includes images as well as text-based content. The project has not technically begun until I have these items.

My basic monthly fee for maintaining websites I work on is $60, this includes:

  • Hosting: Hosting a website means storing all the files that are associated with your website in a specific space(a server)
  • Maintenance: This means making sure that your site is secure and all of the processes running involving your website are updated and optimized with the latest stable version and any security updates are made.
  • Upkeep: Along with updating, if there are any bugs on your site, or anything on your site breaks that was implemented upon site creation I will be there to fix these problems, if any problems occur within the scope of the initial project they will be fixed and updated. Any third-party software implemented that is having issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may incur costs.
  • Consulting: Any web-related questions will be answered, this includes anything outside the scope of the initial project. If you are looking to have custom work done, I can research and come back to you with the best way of implementing that work, the actual work itself would have to be scoped out and you would be charged accordingly. I can answer any of your web-based questions based on my knowledge from over 10 years of web experience and my vast network of web professionals, this includes everything from e-commerce to Facebook.
  • Instruction: I will show you how to update and edit your website so you know how to do it yourself, I will always be there to help, but I feel it is better to educate clients so they understand how their website works.

My general turn around time, based on once I receive all related files for content and design approval is 6 weeks.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.